Invoicing at the Speed of Life

Focus on your business instead of your accounting tasks.

If you’ve been looking for an easy-to-use online accounting solution, Invoice 4 Business has arrived!

Whether you are a solopreneur, a large team, or anything in-between, Invoice 4 Business painlessly integrates all of the accounting features your business needs.

Our patented AI-powered, enhanced double-entry accounting software streamlines all your accounting tasks and stores your data in the cloud for easy retrieval, accurate record-keeping, and data analytics.

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up to 200 customers:

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Reduce payment delays. Your customers can pay via credit card easily and quickly. 

Invoice from Anywhere

Create and send invoices from any location on any device.  

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How it Works:

Invoice 4 Business integrates seamlessly with your current accounting and banking software for invoicing and accounts receivables. No additional software is required.

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User Management:

Free Tech Support

Invoice 4 Business
is Different

Double Entry Accounting

A patented algorithm corresponds every transaction to an account from your chart of accounts. You will always have an up-to-date, accurate picture of your business’s financial status.


Lifetime Cloud Storage

Cloud storage gives you lifetime access to all your business accounting data, aging reports, and accounts receivables at all times and from any device.


No need to wait for partners or employees to submit expense reports or receipts. Voice-activated image uploads and on-the-spot invoicing immediately records transactions to the cloud. 

Easy to use

The one-time entry process and intuitive dashboard interface make it easy to process transactions and implement Invoice 4 Business’s full range of features, such as recurring transactions and batch invoicing. 

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