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Track All Transactions

The Invoice 4 Business app has powerful features that allow you and your team to track transactions including time, labor, expenditures, employee hours, and professional services. Conveniently view paid, unpaid, and overdue invoices from your desktop or mobile devices.

Generate Reports & Analytics

Access to your cloud-stored data enables you to generate detailed aging reports, cash flow, and accounts receivables statements. Analytics tools allow you to forecast trends and keep up-to-date with your business's financial status.


Track time and expenses for yourself and your team in real time while eliminating duplicate submissions. AI technology simultaneously sends transaction data to the correct customer and invoice.

Eliminate Human Error

Manually compiling your notes and receipts can be tedious and is often inaccurate. Electronically automating your invoicing process ensures accuracy in your record-keeping.

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Photo of Edward Kellman

Edward Kellman,
Licensed Civil Engineer,
Registered professional Engineer, P.E.

Meet the Developer
of Invoice 4 Business

As a successful Amazon entrepreneur, Edward Kellman realized his accounting tasks were taking too much of the valuable time he needed to run his business. The app solutions he found online offered partial solutions, but none contained all the accounting features his company required.

Edward, an engineer with an MS in Engineering from the University of Michigan, put the programming skills he developed for his Amazon business to use. Assuming other business owners were in the same predicament, he developed a complete package of accounting software solutions that no other apps provided.

The missing piece was a double-entry multi-extrinsic-variable accounting method with additional columns. This complex-sounding solution, formally patented (US 11,397,930.) as extrinsic variables, translates to an easy-to-use accounting solution applicable to any business.

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